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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School Musings

Over the long weekend, we took our daughter to Calgary to begin her new adventure of attending Ambrose University College there. She will be living in the dorm and eating her meals in the cafeteria. During the first day (Friday) she was there, our moving in process was constantly interrupted by other students coming to introduce themselves. It is a very friendly place.

We continued to assist with setting up our daughter's room on the next day (Saturday). That morning I thought back to some parents' stories of the first day of kindergarten. As soon as their five year old sees all the toys, activity areas, and other students, they say, "Bye, Mom" and they are gone without a backward glance. It is the mom who is left in tears a

kindergarten is funImage by woodleywonderworks via Flickr

s her five year old rushes off into the big wide world without her.

This is the way I felt on that second day of helping my daughter set up her room. She was just itching for us to leave so she could jump, feet first, into all that life on campus had to offer. I know this is exactly as it should be. However, being the mom that I am, I also feel sad and nostalgic because my little girl is all grown-up.
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