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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ruth's Random Resource Round-up Sept. 17, 2009

Once a week I gather together resources (mainly for teachers although some will interest others as well) and post them in my blog. Make sure to check out the bacon flowchart. Enjoy the links I have saved in the last week.

Spreadsheet of every TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design Conference) Talk (most around 15 minutes long)

TED Talks VisualizationImage by Lilly via Flickr

Live-streaming video from the Trafalgar Square fourth plinth (London) 24/7 entertainment one person and one hour at a time

Video about how to use Tweet Deck to organize the tweet input

Bloom's Taxonomy updated to include digital learning

Back to School Web Tools for Students (looks best for college students or older high school)

A wetpaint wiki about Twitter for Teachers (a work in progress)

Set up your own chat room at Tiny Chat

Teacher teaches other teachers about blogging

Flowchart to help you with computer expertise

Bacon Flowchart to help you decide whether you want bacon

Bacon frying in bacon grease.Image via Wikipedia


Search for a free E-book on any topic

Blog post which explains Wall Wisher (cool way for students to post interesting tidbits of research information)

GarageBand (only available for Macs, I think)

What is Garage Band?

Garage Band is a powerful and user-friendly software program that allows you to create soundtracks, accompaniments, podcasts, and much more. Using Garage Band you can:

  • Create musical projects (even if you don’t play an instrument),
  • Involve and inspire your students creativity,
  • Create podcasts,
  • Add effects,
  • How to export and share your projects
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