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Friday, October 14, 2011

What's new?

Quick Dawn ride before breakfast at Nant-yr-Arian
The last blog post I wrote was placed online in April 2010. It is now October 2011. I can't believe that people are still visiting my blog. According to my Lijit data keeper, I had five visitors in the past day or so. According to my ClustrMap, from July 2010 to September 2011, I had 1,492 visits to my Blustery Bandwagon blog site. That is without any new posts placed on this site. I'm astonished that people are still dropping by. (Thank-you to all my visitors, by the way.)

The question I ask myself is WHY AREN'T YOU SHARING YOUR ON-GOING LEARNING ON YOUR BLOG?!?! (You can see that I'm a little upset with myself.) I think I've been so busy learning that I haven't had time to share what I've been learning with the world.

I started this blog for a class assignment. I did the occasional blog post for my own delight and enjoyment (see my newspaper rant) but mostly my posts were required for class.

Even when I named my blog, I intended to continue it after my days as a student were over. However after grad school, I went back into education in a new role. I became a teacher-librarian, working half-time in two schools. I needed to keep two libraries up and running, collaborate with teachers, interact with students around the delights of reading, and act as an instructional leader in both schools. There was no time to write about my steep learning curve.

In my second year as a teacher-librarian, I still have so much to learn. The role of teacher-librarian is changing in my school division (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada). No longer do we just take care of the books (although this is still a priority). Our school division is asking us to become instructional leaders in the area of technology and inquiry learning. This is a stretch. Sometimes it feels like the blind leading the blind. It is scary and confusing.

It is also exhilarating and energizing.

I am reminded of a blog post by Seth Godin in which he talks about how much he learns when he is struggling to ride his bicycle uphill. When things are going smoothly and all is easy-breezy, how much am I learning? I need to embrace the chaos.Bicycle, Bicycle....

So wish me luck as I go wibble-wobbling up the hill (which is so steep that I am tempted to jump off and just push the bike). I promise that I will try to share my thoughts on my learning journey with you. Feel free to tell me about your bike rides, too.

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  1. Ruth, I enjoyed reading your reflection. Thank you for reminding us that learning is messy and when we try to embrace new perpectives, confusion and apprehension are part of the journey. I look forward to learning with you.

  2. Thanks, Carlene. I look forward to writing about what I've been learning. I've missed that part of the journey during the last year and a half of intense on-the-job learning.

    I will also post this in our wiki.

  3. Hi Ruth,
    I haven't done much writing lately either but blogs, though they like attention, wait patiently for us.
    Glad to read that all is well with you.

  4. Ruth,

    good to hear from you, look forward to talking sometime soon about your adventures with tech