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Thursday, August 6, 2009

And It's a Twoosh to Jenn

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Last night Mack Male (#fistbump, high five, congrats Mack, that was so a-a-a-mazing to have that class with him) answered my question about a twoosh. It's a Twitter message that comes in at exactly 140 characters. It's like the basket made by a basketball that doesn't touch the net----woosh.

I am so tickled because I checked into Twitter just now (I did earlier in the day and it was down. I notice that #whentwitterwasdown is a trending topic on Twitter right now.) and caught the message from Jenn about the Animoto video. I watched it right away and loved it. For the first time, I used my new knowledge about how to send a message to someone on Twitter without using the direct message feature. (That way only works with people who are following you anyways.) So I typed my message to Jenn. I was nearing the end and stopped at 0 characters left. That's a Twoosh! Of course, I then had to send another message to Jenn to let her know the previous message was a Twoosh! It doesn't tell you how many characters someone used when they send you a message. So possibly after this I will have private celebrations for Twooshes. I have made some Twooshes before but didn't know they were cause for a high five or a #fistbump. I didn't even know they were ca

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lled Twooshes.

I want to remind all my classmates that we are having a Tweetup this weekend. Check the discussion area of class under Coffee time. After this next blog, we'll all know what a Tweetup is. It's a whole new language isn't it? #fistbump to all of us for learning it.

P.S. One of the people I follow (Scott Williams) is always giving people #fistbumps. I assume it's something like a high five or a pat on the back. If it's actually an insult, I take it back.
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