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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shel Israel and new book Twitterville coming to Canada

Shel IsraelImage by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Shel Israel announced on Twitter that he is coming to Canada to launch his new book, Twitterville, in five Canadian cities. Shel's friend, Joe Thornley of Thornley Fallis in Toronto, is organizing the tour. The tour will take place on Third Tuesdays in September. (I guess this is a Twitter reference. I've heard of follow Fridays but nothing about Third Tuesdays.)

The Twitterville book launch will visit these five cities: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Check out the announcement by Thornley Fallis as well as registration information at

Just F.Y.I. the schedule is:
  • September 13 Montreal
  • September 14 Ottawa
  • September 15 Toronto
  • September 16 Calgary
  • September 17 Vancouver
(I feel that I have a personal connection with this story even though it is only a digital connection. About one month ago, I was learning about podcasting in the university class I am taking. When I visited my local Saskatoon Public Library, I discovered a book titled The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis. On the back cover, it mentioned that the author had first

Cover of "The Best Laid Plans"Cover of The Best Laid Plans

published this book in podcast form since he couldn't find a publisher. Later on his book was published and won the Stephen Leacock award for Humour. I was intrigued and borrowed the book. I read it and tweeted and blogged about my love for this book. I know Terry is hard on work on the next book. I can hardly wait.

Well, somehow or other, Terry discovered that I had written about his book in my blog. He commented on my blog post. (I was tickled pink since I am a novice blogger and didn't think anyone besides my classmates would read my blog.) I started to follow Terry on Twitter.

So today, I just sat up and said, "Wow" when I realized that Thornley Fallis (where Terry Fallis works at his day job) was organizing Shel Israel's book tour.

Too bad I live in Saskatoon. I would love to attend one of these book launch events.)

So, all you lucky folk who live in one of the five cities, check out the link ( and register for tickets. Tell them Ruth sent you.

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  1. Thanks for plugging Shel's visit Ruth. We had him up about three years ago for his earlier book, Naked Conversations, and we've been keen to get him back...