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Monday, August 10, 2009

George Siemens and Dave Cormier Free-for-all

Thanks Jenn for posting the address for this Social media seminar tonight. George and Dave were so engaging and passionate about their subject matter. It was similar to our Eluminate session with Mack Male last week. However, in that session there were only 18 participants. This session had 200 participants (most from North America since the time seemed to work best for them). I quickly ran through the name of the participants but did not see anyone else from our class. I was brave enough to type in some comments and ques

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I think you can get to a recording of the session at: It's not there yet but should be there soon. The July session is posted there. Unlike our session with Mack Male, there was no whiteboard available for George and Dave to post on. Any links they wished to share were typed into the lobby chat box. The next online session like this will be held on September 8 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time. The topic for that session will be Accessibility in Open Educational Resources.

Here are some links to resources some of you may be interested in: (as they came up, I clicked on the links and they are in my tabs right now).
After writing my post earlier today about participating fully in the blogosphere, I realize that part of that participation is sharing resources as I come across them. I hope that some of these links will be helpful for you.

By the way, George and Dave are hilarious. It really was a free-for-all of ideas and engagement. They are both Canadians. I loved it. One of my favourite lines was when George said to Dave, "Dave, you are too close to embracing chaos." Since I am a chaotic type of personality myself, I appreciate encountering others who like to live teetering on the edge.
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  1. Thanks for sharing Ruth!

    We are receiving more and more invitations to partake in "webinars" and other collaborative professional development events online, at my office. We even have an open session at our upcoming annual general meeting for our cooperative education association participants who are unable to attend the meetings which will be held in Vancouver. Given the time and cost to attend, a webinar is a great alternative, even though some great work is done face to face, to be sure, this format should be able to enable more educators to participate, in these times were every travel decision has a direct impact on our operating budget's bottom line.

    It becomes even more appealing to look into these for me, since we now have some experience from Mack's presentation which demonstrated just how well they can work!

    ~:) Heather Kennedy-Plant, Ruth's classmate who met Ruth in person on Sunday for breakfast in Edmonton! Great to f2f meet with you Ruth!