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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

John Quincy Adams, Diarist Extraordinaire

John Quincy Adams kept a diary from the time he was 12 (in 1779) until his death at the age of 81 (in 1848). He became the sixth President of the United States. He kept not only long journals, but short, line-a-day journals, and even draft journals. He reminds me of some of the writers I am encountering on the web right now. Some are active on Twitter (micro-blogging) as well as in blog posts elsewhere.

A visitor to a museum displaying John Quincy Adams' journals, commented that his line-a-day journals would work well as Twitter posts. This set the ideas sparking for those caring for the journals. Beginning today, August 5, 200 years after John Quincy Adams wrote the words in his journal, his words are making their debut on Twitter. On August 5, 1809, Adams was boarding a ship for a journey to Russia where he was to become an ambassador. Check out his account of his journey at JQAdams_MHS or search for John Quincy Adams as a Twitter person to follow.

The sketch above is one created by John Quincy Adams on the inside cover of one of his journals.
Sketch at
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  1. Well, this example seems to indicate that our human need to express ourselves and communicate hasn't really gone by the wayside. How we do it now--electronically--is different.