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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ruth's Random Resource Round-up Sept 1/09

I have been gathering interesting resources for teachers (although everyone would enjoy creating monsters which will dance [see below]). I decided it is time to post this. The ones with two stars (**) are the absolute best. Check them out. I found all of these resources using Twitter (great way to share resources) and Google Reader (which collects new posts from people's blogs). (A round-up for those who don't live in ranching/cattle country is when cowboys and girls gather the cattle together.A cracker cowboy  artist: Frederick Remington.That's why I have included a cowboy picture.)
  • Kathy Cassidy (teacher above from Moose Jaw) uses Vocaroo to record student voices. This looks much easier than using Audacity and then having to upload files to the internet. I did not try it myself.
  • **Natural Disasters for Grade 9 students (amazing). So many ways to use technology and put students to work--learning and having fun.
Enjoy this Animoto I created to celebrate the seasons on the prairies of Saskatchewan.

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