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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dave Cormier - Big Wow at #opened09

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Did you know that there's a very important conference about open education taking place in Vancouver, B.C. right now? I found this website which I think has live streaming video of many of the sessions.
From one moderator's opening remarks, I believe the Art Gallery of Vancouver (see picture) is the site of the conference. This art gallery is right on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. Tonight 150 of the local participants can join in a barbecue at Stanley Park. (No fire though because of high fire alert in the park. Must be bringing the BBQ from elsewhere.) People are tweeting each other with suggestions for excellent restaurants since everyone has 1 1/2 hours for lunch. They'll have a great selection of places to eat on Robson Street. That street is full of hustle and energy at all hours of the day and night.

If you go on Twitter, you can do a search for the hashtag for this conference. The hashtag is #opened09 although some people are also using #opened without the 09.

Three Canadians that I've encountered in other online settings are attending the conference: Dave Cormier (PEI), George Siemens (Winnipeg), and Alec Couros (Regina).

Here is a U-Stream video from a keynote session by Catherine Ngui

As well, they are attempting to live stream every session from this conference. Check out this link for these U-streams.

Check them out. These participants are having some very important conversations about education and open education resources. They are inviting us to participate in these conferences via chat during the live streaming. (Later note: The chat for non-live participants is via Twitter.)

I'm continuing to listen to Dave Cormier live during a session that he is giving in Vancouver right now. Lots of people on Twitter are talking about this session. Some important things from this session: In a learning community people care as much about the learning of the people

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beside them as they do about their own learning. @kolorkid on Twitter commented "Community is a place where you feel safe (to make mistakes) so you can learn. Dave Cormier said, "Give them the literacies they need to join the communities they want to be part of." At this point he talked about (maybe) working recently with strawberry farmers because he was trying to find a strawberry place to take his child to. (later saw more about this on his blog. He's helping organize farmers online in PEI or something like that. Reminds me of Mack Male who is also making a difference in a hyperlocal manner.) Dave is an imminently quotable speaker. He is amazing.

It was funny towards the end of the question and answer time at the end, Dave (who is very funny) must have cut off someone's question or possibly answer. He said, "You guys had six hours yesterday." I know that yesterday there was a six hour discussion between two of the gurus of Open Educational Resources. Those two gurus must have attended Dave's session.

While I was listening in to Dave's session, I was also checking out what it was saying o

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n Twitter about #opened09. I was following links (like the one to Ann Taylor's blog for her notes on the conference). Now I can understand what Mack Male and others means by "continuous partial attention".

Dave Cormier works in PEI. Here is a link to his blog: If he's not already a big name in the education technology world, I predict that this presentation today is going to zoom him up there. Wow! And he's from Canada. I'm so proud. (I stand and sing Oh Canada at this point. Join me if you are Canadian. Sing along with the YouTube video.)

Ann Taylor is blogging as she listens to one of the opened sessions. I'm going to check that out right now. Here's the address for her notes. Along with the notes for each session that she attends, she also includes the link to the video and a link to the slideshare notes for each session.

I need to post this writing so that those in my learning community can benefit from this conference. Even if you don't have time right now to join any of the live streaming sessions, they will available later on at the address above so that you can join in the learning that is taking place there.

I have used #opened09 to search Twitter for comments about this conference. It is interesting to see the comments of those attending the conference live with those who are checking in online. Fascinating! And they invited me to part of it. They invited you, too.

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