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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Making memories

When our three children were young, we had little money (husband full-time student, I was stay-at-home mom). My husband decided to take the kids to every play park in the city of Saskatoon. They played at every one and rated each one (my husband is an engineer. What can I say) I think it took them two summers to finish them all. Crazy. Fun.

ryerson public school playgroundImage by striatic via Flickr

Now my children are almost grown-up. But yesterday I spent hours shopping with my daughter who is heading off to college this week. We kept losing each other at the Farmers' Market. Ate some very sticky but delicious cinnamon buns from the Market. We stopped at a second-hand clothing store because she's into recycling. Then we trekked on to the downtown mall (we parked blocks away because I hate to pay for parking). At the mall, we kept buying stuff--big stuff like comforters, duvets, pillows. Eventually we had to head back to our car. We looked like bag ladies (no shopping cart though). We kept laughing about needing sherpas to help us carry everything.

The crazy park thing my husband did when the kids were young created amazing memories for them. I know that yesterday my daughter and I, bag ladies needing sherpas, created some more memories--links in

Bag LadyImage by guy.p via Flickr

that chain that binds us together as family.

(Thanks to Chris Brogan [] and Steve Bell [] who inspired me to write this post because of their reflections on their children and all the joy.)
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