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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Speak up! Here's your chance.

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This morning one of the women I follow on Twitter talked about the Web 2.0 summit later this year. It is sponsored by O'Reilly. They have a White Paper which lays out what they see as the future of Web 2.0 and beyond. They call it Web Squared.

One interesting conclusion or talking point is that "Data analysis, visualization, and other techniques for seeing patterns in data are going to be an increasingly valuable skillset. Employers take notice." I think that could say "educators take notice." Where does that learning of seeing patterns begin? In the kindergarten, grade one and two classrooms of our schools. Then seeing those patterns is just a part of life and is a skillset that children continue to build as they move up through the years.

Here is the link for the White Paper:

Here is the link for the conference itself. ( is by invitation only and you need to submit an application. They will respond to your application within four weeks.

As educators we can contribute to this conference by reading the White Paper and including our comments. They are requesting feedback. Their ideas are not set in concrete. Rather they are created out of playdough which can be molded and shaped by reader input. Let's have a part in that shaping.
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