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Thursday, August 6, 2009

RTjennbranch? I want to but how?

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Last night our online University of Alberta class had an amazing experience interacting with a special guest. The students were flung out across the Canadian landscape. I was in British Columbia, 10 miles away from the Terrace Mountain fire. One student was in the Maritimes on the Atlantic Ocean. Most were in Alberta or Saskatchewan. Mack Male, the giant of social media in Edmonton, Alberta these days was the special guest. He spoke and answered our many questions for over two hours. This class was recorded for posterity. This afternoon I noticed that Jenn, our professor, has provided the link to the class on her Twitter account. These means that anyone is welcome to listen to this amazing two hours of insight and information.

I decided I needed to learn how to retweet Jenn's message so that my six (Wow, eh!) followers will know about this opportunity. I first went to the Help tab on my Twitter account. The questions people had already asked didn't quite fit. Somehow I got to something that I think will assist me. Here is the link for it

At this location, they suggested that I should copy the message. I have done that and pasted it into my tweet box. At my link above, it suggested that I should study the message. Is there any way I can shorten it? I need to add RTjennbranch somewhere in the message to give Jenn credit for originating the message. However, what if one of my six followers wishes to RT or retweet my message? That would take an additional 11 characters. So I will try to shorten Jenn's message without taking away the essence of it. I take a few characters away. Then I scroll down to see how other people did the RT thing. I realize I also need to put @ before Jenn's name.

Go to my Twitter account at RIElliott to see the resultant tweet. Feel free to retweet to your friend's as well.
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