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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Who is Ruth Elliott?

I decided late in life what I wanted to be when I grew up. In my 40's, I returned to university (University of Saskatchewan) to become a teacher. I just completed my tenth year as a teacher in Saskatoon, Sk. I have taught grade 2, grade 5, and grade 5 and 6 in a gifted education program. This year I started my MEd program at the U of S in Education Curricu

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lum. Since I am interested in moving into a Teacher-Librarian position, I have signed up as a Visiting Scholar through the Western Dean's Agreement to take three classes in TL by DL from the U of A. During the next school year I am blessed to have an Education Leave so that I can go to university full-time. I am planning to do a thesis on how parents and families support children's literacy.

During this past school year, I taught full-time in a community school with 23 to 25 Grade 1 and 2 students. I also completed four three-credit classes. The most recent class was presented in a blended format (Ed Research) in which we met face-to-face three times and met on Blackboard (similar to this class) the rest of the time. It was a lot of work but also lots of fun. In class, I do like to talk and even blurt things out. You will notice that I will do that in an online format as well.

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In my personal life, I am married to Ross, an engineer who works at the Canadian Light Source. I have three children (Stephen--21, Michelle--19, and David--17) who are going to school (youngest just completed high school, others at U of S and SIAST). Besides work and school this past year, I spent many weekends with my beloved Dad in Regina. I'm thankful for those many visits since my Dad passed away on May 8th.

Tomorrow my husband and I are travelling to Regina to cheer for our team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders. We have season's tickets. Over the summer we plan to attend a Rider game in Calgary and in Vancouver. I bleed green. I'm posting this before we leave. If we lose, I will be too depressed to post for a few days.

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Update: Last night at the game, my husband and I, along with 30,000 other rabid fans, cheered ourselves hoarse as we helped our Riders team defeat B.C. 28 to 24. Those Rider games are so stressful.
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