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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The tree fell and somebody heard

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I am so excited right now. Terry Fallis who wrote the book The Best Laid Plan just commented on my podcast blog. As you may remember, he couldn't find a publisher for his book so began to release it, a chapter at a time, as a podcast. Later his book won the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour.

Now how did he know I wrote about him in my blog. I had no links to his name. The power of the internet I guess (the Read/Write Web). Terry wished me luck with my book--the one that will begin as a podcast of stories about Saskatoon.

That makes two published Canadian authors that I have heard from since I began this Web 2.0 journey. The other author was David Bouchard who wrote If You're Not From the Prairie. In that case, I sent him an email and a link to the Prairie Prose set of pictures I had created on Flickr to celebrate his poem and the prairies. He sent me a very nice email back.

Now, back to learning about the virtual library. It is a complex subject. My brain is hurting.
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  1. Very exciting that people are commenting on your blog. Using Google alert or another program, you can set up keywords (your name or the title of you book, for instance) and any time that is used in a new webpage, you get an email or RSS feed alert.

    Many use it to track what is happening out on the web - you may find it happens again when you do your wiki post (we found that pbwiki was getting in touch with new users last time).