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Friday, July 17, 2009

Pods? Would that be snap or snow peas?

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I am officially scared. With all of the other Web 2.0 tools, I have had a vague idea about them.

Podcasts--no clue! I asked my 19 year old daughter about them and asked if I could borrow her I-pod (I think she has one). She said all I needed was I-tunes. This was very unhelpful since I think I-tunes are some form of downloadable music which I would need to pay for. I am a cheapskate. I hate to pay for anything if there is some other way I can access it. That's why I have appreciated all of the Web 2.0 tools thus far-----they have been FREE! So I am a little worried about this tool.
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  1. I tried working with iTunes also, and did not have a pleaseant experience. I ended up going with a site called to upload my podcast. It was quite user-friendly, and I was able to upload my podcasts with ease.

  2. Hi Gerta,

    My blog for the podcast assignment is now up and I think you might find a pointer or two that will help you decide on a podcatcher to use. I researched several and finally chose PodBean because it was simple and I was able to apply the same template design as on my WordPress blog.

    Good luck with the rest of your podcasting investigations.

    ~:) Heather