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Monday, July 6, 2009

Not @ but .

Naturally, art.Image by dhammza via Flickr

I like mysteries and trying to solve them. However, after I had deleted some of my blog posts along with all the pictures and links in them, I was frustrated. Fortunately a kind stranger on the internet answered my question about why my blog was not loading. I had used @ in the website address rather than a period. I am so used to logging into my email which always uses @ that I did not even realize that I had typed the blogspot address that way.

This will be part of my learning curve in posting to this blog.

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  1. Hi Ruth,

    Th@t's the way it goes sometimes when we are learning to make our mark in cyberspace - great to hear that you found out where your error was with relative ease and to know that there really is a great sense of community available online where you can troubleshoot with advice from online users. Reading your initial adventures with blogging has provided me with some quick tips and ideas to avoid the pitfalls you experienced - thanks a bunch! Heather ~:)