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Monday, July 6, 2009

Learning the hard way

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On Saturday when I first created this blog, I just kept adding more and more entries. I was using Zemanta to insert photos, links, and even news items. However, when I tried to use a site that checks how long it takes your page to load, my page would not load. It kept timing out. I put the blog address on the links for our class. Even there, it would not load. I suspected that all of the extras that Zemanta was giving me were taking up too much memory. I began deleting things--first the photos, next the news items, later the entries themselves. Nothing was working. My blog was still timing out before it would load.

I went online to ask for help. The next morning I had my answer. And was my face red. I am very used to typing my hotmail address or my school email address. So here was the address I was using for my blog: Why wasn't it working?
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