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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

White mouse in a maze

Shannon's mouseImage by HelveticaFanatic via Flickr

This morning I feel like a little white mouse (didn't really want to compare myself to a rat) in a Web 2.0 maze. As I learn about the various Web 2.0 tools, I keep getting lost in the maze of trails, dead ends, brick walls, and mud puddles to leap over. In my little white mouse persona, I am wondering what's waiting on the other end of the maze--if I ever find the other end. Is it a big hunk of cheese or some Lindt chocolate?

I'm hoping that my prize at the end of this labyrinth will be at least a few new tools that I will find useful for my life and my practice as an educator. I hope that with those tools which I don't continue to use for myself, I will understand how others are using them. I hope

Maze at St.Image via Wikipedia

to come away with some tools which I can use to support student learning. I hope that I will be able to teach others how to use some of the best tools for themselves.

Unfortunately, at this point, the little white mouse is baffled, perplexed, and puzzled. The mouse will win in the end but just now, the maze is winning.

P.S Just realized as I looked at mouse images, that my little white mouse could also be the mouse I am using to navigate my way through the various websites, the one I use to click and scroll. That mouse is lost, too.

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