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Friday, July 17, 2009

Walking Tour Podcast

Click on the arrow to hear my walking tour information for the two houses in the photographs. Both houses are in the Caswell Hill neighbourhood of Saskatoon.


  1. Nice work on your podcast Ruth. How did you get the podcast embedded onto your blog? I couldn't figure that out...I even signed up for divShare (my second hosting site I have signed up for), but still couldn't do it.

  2. Thanks Debbie,

    Check out my next blog post. I explain the process I went through to figure out how to embed the podcast. I listened to and watched a YouTube video by Adam Taha which explained how to do it. I guess generally you can't embed podcasts into blogger but he figured out how to do it. The address is on my next blog post. Good luck.

  3. What a great and practical idea for a podcast. Nice work!

  4. Great topic for a podcast! I enjoyed it and love the bungalow next door to the big house.